1. What is Trade Variety Ltd., and what do they offer?

    • Trade Variety Ltd. is an eCommerce and affiliate marketing company dedicated to providing customers with a wide array of products and services. They offer an extensive catalogue of products across various categories such as electronics, fashion, home and living, beauty, sports, toys, health, books, and more, catering to customers in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

  2. When was Trade Variety Ltd. established?

    • Trade Variety Ltd. was legally registered and established in 2023.

  3. What is the mission of Trade Variety Ltd.?

    • The mission of Trade Variety Ltd. is to create a seamless online shopping experience by offering an extensive selection of top-quality products and services and to promote and drive growth through strategic partnerships with affiliate marketers.

  4. What vision does Trade Variety Ltd. have for the future?

    • Trade Variety Ltd. envisions becoming a global eCommerce hub that bridges the gap between suppliers and consumers, fostering a thriving ecosystem of affiliate marketers benefiting from their collaborative approach and cutting-edge technologies.

  5. How does Trade Variety Ltd. prioritise customer satisfaction?

    • Trade Variety Ltd. prioritises customer satisfaction by seeking to exceed customer expectations through exceptional service and product offerings, emphasizing customer-centricity as one of their core values.

  6. How does Trade Variety Ltd. embrace innovation?

    • Trade Variety Ltd. embraces innovation by continuously exploring new technologies and strategies to remain at the forefront of the eCommerce and affiliate marketing industries.

  7. Why should customers choose Trade Variety Ltd.?

    • Customers should choose Trade Variety Ltd. for its extensive product variety, seamless shopping experience, global reach, and commitment to social impact through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.

  8. What categories of products does Trade Variety Ltd. offer?

    • Trade Variety Ltd. offers products in multiple categories, including electronics, fashion, home and living, beauty, sports, toys, health, books, and more, catering to a broad range of customer needs and preferences. Being a relatively new online store, some of the aforementioned categories are in the process of being added to the store. Watch this space for new additions.

  9. How does Trade Variety Ltd. contribute to social impact?

    • Trade Variety Ltd. contributes to social impact through its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) strategy, aspiring to support charitable initiatives in Southern Africa, particularly in Malawi, and committing at least 25% of its total income towards CSR initiatives in the next 10 years.

  10. Does Trade Variety Ltd. have a global reach?

    • Yes, Trade Variety Ltd's eCommerce platform has a global reach beyond the United Kingdom, offering products that can be shipped worldwide in different regions through marketing affiliation with global e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay.